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From Drama to Love -Goddess Queen Journey with Kelly Sullivan-Walden

“The difference between the drama queen and goddess queen is really just a dough. The goddess queen sees the donut, the drama queen sees the hole.”


Kelly Sullivan-Walden, an inspiration speaker, former actress, dream doctor and goddess herself, recited this rhyme at the Festival of Goddesses in Laguna Beach in 2010.  A couple of years later, I reconnected with Kelly and the subject of two opposites within started “exploring me”, organically, through various encounters with drama queens, but also by bringing to the surface the dramatic stirrings of my own self. The entire process made me want to get the full spectrum of this fascinating, dramatic not-so-fairy-tale and see if, indeed, there is a happily ever after at the end.

The essence of this story is simple. In the temple of your being there are the two of you: your divine nature, aka the Goddess Queen, and your ego mind, aka the Drama Queen. Which one reigns in the kingdom of your life is totally up to you, although at the beginning it might seem that you have no control at all.

The beauty of the Goddess Queen, Your Divine Essence, is in her connection with the entire universe itself; she is capable of bringing to life your own magnificence, all in a peaceful and harmonious manner. She is directly connected to the higher realm of yourself, where your divinity dwells. She will pave your divine path with magic and guide you on your journey. You can never get lost there, and you will never be confused or alone.

When it comes to the drama queen, or the ego mind, there is really nothing beautiful there to explore. There is just drama, with incessant stream of negative thoughts—which seem very entertaining to her— and the stirring up of dramatic reactions and relationships, that keep you awake half the night.

The Goddess Queen seems to find the present moment highly entertaining, knowing that all is being taken care of. The Drama Queen will do anything to stay away from the present moment. Whatever it takes: good thoughts, bad thoughts, projections into the future or analysis of the past. Whatever it takes to keep you ill at ease, out of harmony and not enjoying the present moment. She especially hates it when you are enjoying your massage, giving yourself some self-love. She will make sure that during the time deliberately dedicated to your relaxation, nothing calm will enter your mind. Just. The. Opposite. And so on…

The breakthrough comes when you realize that you get to choose which queen is driving the vehicle of your life. It takes practice and, trust me, the drama queen who once was holding the steering wheel, does not easily surrender the control, but eventually she obeys and move to the back seat. Although a dangerous master, the drama queen makes a beautiful servant. You just need to set up the rules and train her. You, your higher self, your goddess-y loving self, is the one setting up the rules in the house. So do it wisely.

If the Drama Queen is well-trained and loved throughout that process, she will eventually yield. She still might cause some drama here and there, but eventually she will serve you well and start supporting the ruling Goddess Queen, your higher self, the divine light that is you.

To know how to manage both of them is an essential skill because both of them will stay with you your entire life. But you get to choose who will be your guide and who will be your servant. True empowerment is not eliminating sadness, negativity, or drama from your life, but in realizing that at any moment of your life, you have a choice of either staying connected to your power though your Goddess Queen self, or surrendering to drama with all its fears. At any moment, you can let your mind be still and hear the whisper of the goddess-self  in your heart, so you can see the world though love and compassion.

By learning such a process, not only will you gradually start removing dramatic relationships and situations from your life, but you will also gain compassionate wisdom to recognize others’ drama, and stop taking it personally.

And as you start shifting the control away from the drama queen and toward the loving goddess queen, you will start seeing more of the donut and less of the hole. And one day you will transcend the hole into a whole; a round, enlightened, delicious sweetness of Life called Heaven on Earth.

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Connect with Kelly at www.kellysullivanwalden.com and let her guide you toward your Inner Goddess Queen essence.

You can also buy her book “Discover your Inner Goddess Queen: An Inspirational Journey from Drama Queen to Goddess Queen.” here

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  1. Anna D'Geami February 6, 2014 at 4:16 PM

    Beautifully done video, goddess queen & website. Well done Anna!

    • Anna D'Geami February 7, 2014 at 8:49 AM

      Thank you Dawn! So happy your enjoyed it! <3

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