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BECOMING A WOMAN – Girls’ Journey to Goddess-hood

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After the innocence and bliss of childhood comes a transformation; a promise of awakening to life that blossoming flowers know about, and that flower buds dream about during their innocent days.  They don’t know what is ahead. They grow up going blindly in the direction that Nature and Love intended for them.

It’s a beautiful thing to be able to watch these flower buds opening up, starting to blossom in the most magnificent way. But the sight is also infused with sadness that we are growing older and that they are getting ready to leave.

Change is inevitable; it’s the circle of life, the big spinning wheel of craziness, sadness, joy, love and the bittersweet satisfaction of growing up. How can we prepare our beloved little ones for this journey of life?

I recently photographed my friend’s daughter, Maelyn, one precious flower bud just ready to blossom.

This experience made me ponder the concept of giving young girls a “blessing way,” a proper rite of passage when sending them off on the path to womanhood. The modern world offers no equivalent for ancient rituals, as if the wisdom of generations of women has been forgotten.

How can we prepare our daughters for such a journey? How can we pass onto them the wisdom and the blessing that will help them become strong and confident women, full of love and joy, impervious to the criticism and negativity of everyday life, accepting and overcoming life challenges with grace and peace?

This is not only a time of transition for our daughters; it is also a time of transformation for us mother. It’s the time when we need to re-evaluate how we deal with life, to be able to give our children the true, authentic wisdom of our own experience.

Becoming a woman is an arduous task. It’s a time of confusion, of seeking, of exploring. It’s a time of mistakes and broken hearts, the sweet taste of first love, and the intoxication of newfound freedom. But what is properly rooted in love and a deep sense of self-esteem can never be affected by outside changes. No matter how hard the winds blow, a solid foundation will keep those precious young spirits safe and intact.

So they will fly into the world, infused with our love and wisdom, along with our hope that their wings won’t get broken and that the self-respect we taught them and the love we infused them with, will turn into courage and an open heart.

Seasons of life change. We grow, mature, become someone different. So do our children. Quidurepmeegens And I think that the most meaningful thing we can do for our daughters is to whisper in their ears and etch in their souls forever – You are Amazing, You are Beautiful, You will be a magnificent Woman, I believe in You, I am here for You, I Bless YOU, I trust you. Go ahead and spread your own wings. It’s time.


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