Modern Goddess of Self-Love


Some time ago I met a magnificent woman, Helen Hodgson, who became a beam of light that illuminated the dark corners of my soul: corners long abandoned and forgotten; corners that were missing the rounding and polishing quality of self-love and self-nurturing.


How many of us were born and raised to praise self-negligence, masquerading as devotion to others? I don’t know about you, but I bought it. I absorbed the whole package, complete with guilt popping out of the box whenever I did something for myself.

We women are the most amazing caregivers and nurturers in the world. Why do we fail in such a spectacular way when it comes to self-care and self-love? Love and Care are not privileges of the rich. Rather, they are birthrights of each and every one of us who can claim the magnificent position of being a human being.

Spiritual masters discovered the benefits of self-care some good thousands of years ago. To simplify this wisdom, if you don’t fill up your cup with the delicious nurturing nectar, how are you supposed to serve it to others? Love does not come from a place of depletion. Neither does nurturing.

The ultimate place of devotion to God and Goddess is where we acknowledge Their presence within us, and treat ourselves as a living temple that requires regular maintenance and care. Only then can we grasp the phenomenon of the Divine within. The ultimate place of devotion to others is when we acknowledge that we are “the others,” too, and bump up our place in line from last to first.

Your heart knows the proper order, so you know it, too. It’s not selfish to love and care for yourself. It’s the act of love, so open up to it, and receive it! It’s a marvelous gift that will transform your life.

Don’t listen to the saboteurs, inner or outer, trying to make you veer off the path of self-love and self-care. Rather, listen to those who will support you and guide you in learning the most significant lesson – the lesson of love. Because Love is the answer…

Helen has transformed my attitude on self-care and altered my thinking about it forever. Watch her share her story, enjoy it and dive into the ocean of self-love yourself. Because you deserve it!

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Enjoy the gallery with pictures of Helen we took during our interview session! She is a true Goddess – a woman in Her own Power.


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