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Being Yourself is one of the greatest blessings and gifts. It is also one of the most authentic things, next to love, you must absolutely do in life.  And ironically it is the easiest.

We all know that there are no two snowflakes alike. There are no two women alike either. Why strive to be someone other than the person you already are? Why strive at all? Why not just allow the greatest expression of you to come alive and unfold?

“Unique” doesn’t mean weird or odd. Unique means one-of-a-kind; it means being precisely who you already are without shame, guilt or shyness. We were meant to be the fullest expression of light that takes many physical forms, different for each snowflake, different for each man and woman.

Life is an expression of you as you. This is what this world is interested in – you. When you express your authentic self, you are adding to the tapestry of life; you are adding color, vibrancy, and emotion to the grand pot of melting love. After all, love expresses itself in as many forms as there are living things in this universe.

Why not just be yourself, then; the authentic, happy, unlimited you? It’s easier that way — and definitely more fun.

So, go and unfold your most authentic self, regardless of the outside circumstances. Once we make a decision to be who we truly are, all that is not serving our fullest expression will go away, and all that you need to thrive as you, will be added to your life.

Without fear, with full trust, go and enjoy being the one and only you!


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