Modern Goddess of Self-Love


For a long time I have been wondering what exactly the elusive and intangible nature of the Divine Feminine is. I always associated Her with an image of a female deity that I saw in Hindu books. I always thought of the idea of Divinity as the perfection that we, humans aim for.

Not only this approach was way too idealistic to make it an attainable goal, but also it made me doubt my own qualities, which I considered far from being perfect. Later, I realized that maybe I was looking in a wrong place. After all, when we keep looking up in the sky searching for a perfect star, we will never see the beauty lying at our feet. That’s why I decided to change my approach and seek the Divine Feminine among us, inside us, present here in our everyday life, in our very human form.

As I was trying to identify the divine qualities and find them around me, She spoke to me… She came, sat down with me at a Starbucks table, and she looked, well, NORMAL, like each and every one of us. She was not the calm, tranquil, perfect-skin-and-silky-hair kind of goddess with a superior smirk on her face. She was plump and average height woman. She apparently did not have time to put sacred oil in her hair and brush it all night long, and decided on a ponytail instead. She was wearing jeans and flip-flops. She ordered tall Latte and a banana loaf.

I stared with disbelief, stunned at how differently my imagination pictured her, when something amazing happened – She opened her heart to me and I saw the treasures she gathered there. I saw love, compassion, tenderness, calmness, and joy… I saw the true Modern Goddess she was. That very moment I understood that divinity is not a lofty idea that we should try to live up to. It’s the real hands on experience of love, joy, gratitude, abundance, and happiness, which we can choose to live in the most realistic way.

As she was saying good-bye to me that day she gave me a gift – She made me look around myself through my heart, and suddenly instead of ordinary women, I saw goddesses – petit and tall, skinny and plump, in high-heels and sneakers; the Divine abundance manifested in so many different human forms. For a moment the Heaven and the Earth became one…

She left and I was speechless. I felt blessed and confused at the same time. She stirred my mind and opened my heart, and inspired me to take a different approach toward Divinity. She made me realize that the Divine Feminine is more tangible than we think, and that everyday life is saturated with Her presence. She left me astounded, and grateful for what I had just experienced.

Since then, I have committed to follow her path and to live her wisdom. My work is a tribute to Her, in her very human form.


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